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Neural Fields with Thermal Activations for Arbitrary-Scale Super-Resolution
A. Becker* , R. C. Daudt*, N. Metzger, J. D. Wegner, K. Schindler
arXiv preprint
Country-wide Retrieval of Forest Structure from Optical and SAR Satellite Imagery with Deep Ensembles
A. Becker, S. Russo, S. Puliti, N. Lang, K. Schindler, J. D. Wegner
ISPRS Journal of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing

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Learning Graph Regularisation for Guided Super-Resolution
R. De Lutio*, A. Becker*, S. D’Aronco, S. Russo, J. D. Wegner, K. Schindler
CVPR 2022
Film-Ensemble: Probabilistic Deep Learning via Feature-wise Linear Modulation
M. O. Turkoglu, A. Becker, H. A. Gündüz, M. Rezaei, B. Bischl, R. C. Daudt, S. D’Aronco, J. D. Wegner, K. Schindler
NeurIPS 2022

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Deep Learning for Virtual Screening: Five Reasons to Use ROC Cost Functions
V. Golkov, A. Becker, D. T. Plop, D. Čuturilo, N. Davoudi, J. Mendenhall, R. Moretti, J. Meiler, D. Cremers
arXiv preprint